Mora, Oxfam:

My team at Oxfam were lucky enough to have Naveed facilitate a session for us this Spring. We wanted an external, independent facilitator with strong knowledge of the NGO sector to help us debrief and review a publication and comms product. The session aimed to assess how we had worked together as a team, and identify successes and failures in how the product was published and handled externally and internally. We found Naveed to be an insightful, responsive and energetic facilitator who put great effort into planning the session with me to get the most out of everyone. He made sure everyone had their voices heard (a challenging task with a third of attendees at the end of a phone-line rather than in the room) and kept the pace of the meeting tight, on track, and focused on identifying solutions rather than mulling over mistakes. We extracted several key learnings from the session, and everyone felt it to be a great success. We would definitely like to hire Naveed again in the future, and highly recommend him.

Nicola, Oxfam:

Naveed is an incredible trainer and facilitator. He has lots of great ideas that really help to bring training to life, keeps the participants front and centre of the course and is very responsive to their needs. I worked with him on Oxfam’s national campaigning training programme and we received incredibly high feedback from the participants that the course not only met their needs but excelled way past them. I highly recommend working with Naveed.

Sarah, MADE in Europe:

Naveed played an invaluable role in MADE in Europe’s 3 year strategy planning in both the design and delivery of a 1 day retreat. Naveed was able to immediately understand the organisational priorities and challenges, and adeptly came up with a variety of interesting and useful session plans to ensure that these were addressed. As a facilitator, Naveed held the day together superbly, helping to ensure the discussions remained on track, that everyone participated to the full and that we drew useful conclusions from the discussions to take the organisation forward.